Juxtapoz is an organization engaged in preserving the nature and providing members full enjoyment of the great outdoors.


This site is created to share Juxtapoz's great adventures and experiences on every mountains they have conquered, every waterfalls they have swum,

every trails they have trekked, every forests they have explored and every part of Mother Nature that they will discover in the years to come.


Juxtapoz is a firm advocate for the awareness of Global Warming, Climate Change and the Preservation of our Natural Environment. Let us all be part

of it. Let us not forget that we drink the waters of Earth, breath its air, eat its bountiful crops and live with its wonders and greatness. We would like to help every people visiting this site be reminded that there is no other place

in the universe as unique and majestic as our Blue Planet Earth!


Take your time to explore this site and feel free to leave your ideas, comments, or suggestions at the end of every page.


Now, Enjoy the Colors of the World!


"The best climber in the world is the one who's having the most fun." -Alex Lowe


Our Mission
To establish a good fellowship(social nights)among nature lovers, to educate them on mountaicrafts(ex.sibat) and to create awareness of the value of  wilderness and to preserve Mother Nature

To serve mountaineers and give them active enjoyment to the beauty and diversity of our nature.

Our Vision
To build a family of Mountaineers who has respect to Mother Earth and its elemental powers that can take one's life.

A Mountaineer's Creed

Take nothing but pictures
Leave nothing but footprints
Kill nothing but time

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Celebration hike for being added on Pinoy Mountaineer's list of mountaineering and outdoor clubs in the Philippines. Party party!

Tarak Ridge, Mariveles Bataan Juxta Events.

Most Recent!

Mt. Makiling was one of the most popular mountains from the southern part of the country. Last December 2009, we decided to end the year with a Makiling traverse, more popularly known as Maktrav. This was the hike that perfectly ended our 2009. It tested our endurance and wits. The hike gave us a lot of challenges, one was running out of water supply. Thankfully, Ma. Makiling was so generous to us. Along the trail, we saw a small murky pool of water. The spot was a 15-minute walk from Melkas campsite. Desperately, we dug it deeper and decided to come back for it the next morning. Amazingly, the dirt receded leaving a clear and seemingly drinkable water. We boiled it for a few minutes and off we go towards the Los BaƱos side. Views are majestic as well but the most notable and remarakble feature of this traverse is the trail especially between the Sto. Tomas jump-off and Peak 2. I consider it a real challenge for a serious mountaineer. Going down from Makiling's highest point was much easier, especially if you're going to run and let your momentum shorten your descent time.hehe. Pesky limatiks mostly thrive on this side of the mountain. A great sidetrip we have had was visiting the Mudspring. It was spectacular, a scenery of boiling and steaming mud accompanied by its sulfuric smell. Unfortunatley, cameras were down so we weren't able to capture this magnificent part of Makiling. We will not miss it again the next time we go for another Maktrav, a must try for the extreme adventurist in you. 

- Marvin

What's New?!

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